Theories about Mr. Bodine

Bodine=Biden (REAL? 😳)

First of, let's start with the elephantitus in the room: "BODINE" is an anagram of "BIDEN" if you don't know how anagrams work. In addition, this video (found link :) ) on his channel displays a sign stating that it's the "Living Fo Biden Zone".

Skateboards, Inc. is a money laundering scheme

In addition, he's trying to keep as much money as possible by not paying an actual advertising team or budget planners & just making the Tier Ones make ads for Skateboards, Inc. for free. The proof of this that we have is in the scrap paper bin, where we found a printed out copy of a list of Skateboards, Inc. employees, which was from an Excel lab. We suspect two possibilities:

  1. There are multiple people involved, as the actual Skateboards, Inc. location is in Rapid City, SD.
  2. All the "people" aren't real and it's all just Bodine doing everything

Either way, we don't feel like Skateboards, Inc. is a legitimate business.

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